LELux A place for relaxing both body and mind

LeLux is a newly reopened villa on the bank of lake Mikolajki. From the terrace, there is a fantastic view onto the lake, the little town of Mikolajki as well as ships and sailing boats. LeLux is a superb place - quiet and peaceful with great transport connections to the small town (footbridge), which is definitely worth a visit and something to remember.  This solid, high-quality building was constructed in the 1930s for the mayor of Mikolajki.

It was used as a maternity ward during the post-war period. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that most of Mikolajki inhabitants have come into the world. It was later used by the town's doctors - it served, among other things as a doctor's surgery. The building was purchased by its current owner in 2002 and was renovated and modernised by hard-working craftsmen, whereby the office for protected buildings had their say too of cause. In 2010, the villa opened as a restaurant and was buzzing with people. It invites guests to relax in the land of the tousand lakes.

The villa has 6 double rooms, south-facing with excellent views over the lake. - 5 of which can accommodate up to 4 people. Guest have use of a parking lot. Water sports enthusiasts are able to put their boots directly into the water. A large platform on the lake offers sports enthusiasts all available possibilies.

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